October 2019 Minutes

Minutes 2019 Uploaded on April 26, 2021

Minutes of a Meeting held in Cassington Village Hall 7.30 pm on

Thursday 3rd October 2019


Cllr H Thomas, Cllr B King, Cllr C Metcalf, Cllr D Butlin, Cllr J Perrin Clerk Mrs T Cameron, Cllr D Levy, Cllr C Rylett, Cllr C Mathew plus 2 members of the public

147/19 APOLOGIES    

No Declaration

The Parish Council has also made the public aware that the meeting is recorded for the clerk to type up the minutes at a later date at home.


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 5th September 2019 were approved after some changes


a) Thames Valley Police Report – notifications of incidents in Cassington

1) Rural Crime Week which is from 6 – 13 October

Crime Reduction Advice Events

Date Location Deployment
6 Oct ‘19 Charlbury 10 am – 2 pm
7 Oct ‘19 The Wychwoods 10 am – 2 pm
8 Oct ‘19 Chadlington/Kingham  3 pm – 6 pm
12 Oct ‘19 Bampton/Aston 10 am – 2 pm
13 Oct ‘19 Middle Barton  1 pm – 3 pm

On each of these occasions the Mobile Police Station will be used and located somewhere centrally at each site from where members of the public can collect Crime Reduction Advice Packs which will include information on:

Rural Crime Reduction Advice Sheets

Action Fraud Information on Scams

Information update sheets

NHPT Posters

2) Nottingham Knockers

We have had reports today that the Nottingham Knockers have been operating once again in the area.  The advice we are giving is that if you do answer the door, a polite but firm NO followed by a call to 101 with a description of them and any associated vehicle they may be using.  Please look out for your neighbours, especially the elderly or vulnerable that may not be so confident in moving them along.

b) Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting –

 1) Quotes for The Councillor Priority Fund – These quotes were need by Cllr Mathew so that we could request funding for the fixing of the gate going out of the village that was damaged by a car.  The quotes have been received and Cllr Butlin has mended the gate.

2) Playground Inspector Sheet – This has now been updated to include the new play equipment.

3) NALC Magazine – This is now done electronically through the NALC website.  Tracey will now forward to the link too all Councillors.

i) Previous Planning Application –


PROPOSAL: Use of building and land for charcoal production (B2 use)

LOCATION: Land and building at Cassington Oxfordshire

APPLICANT: Mr Adam Hulewicz

STATUS: Under Consideration


PROPOSAL: Conversion of loft including the addition of roof lights, three rear dormer windows and one front dormer window.

 LOCATION: Thornfield The Green Cassington

APPLICANT: Mr C Osgathorp

STATUS: Under Consideration


PROPOSAL: Conversion of barn to create 2 self-contained units (Retropective).

LOCATION: Dove House Pound Lane Cassington

APPLICANT: Mr Matthew Walls

STATUS: Withdrawn


a) Neighbourhood Watch – Cllr Perrin has a meeting on Monday 8th at the Cassington Café with the Police as they are trying to set a new Victim Support Team so hopefully there will be leaflets and stickers available.

Cllr Mathew – Growth Planning will fall for Oxfordshire with condition that all District, City and County Council Councillors were in agreement or it will not go ahead.  It may affect the A40 Park and Ride and also the Garden Village. Cllr Mathew spoke after Cllr Thomas at the meeting with regards to Horsemere Lane and made it perfectly clear that one of the conditions should be the slip road going out on to the A40 from the village at the traffic lights.  The result in that was that Cllr Constance said that OCC will suspend any decision until this is looked into further.

Cllr Levy – The Area Action Plan with regards to the Garden Village has an end date of the 11th October.  Which is the last chance for people to make any comments that they may have. The Growth Board is currently being reviewed.

Cllr Rylett – There is a climate change group that met last week.  There is also a new full-time cabinet member for climate change. This is also with regards to the building of the new garden village, to see if it could be carbon neutral. Also, with regards to affordable housing within Cassington.  It seems that WODC and Cottsway both have different ways of how they work out their points system to see who are given affordable homes. With regards to Reynolds Farm the enforcement notice has been sent with regards to application 19/01820/FUL.  The applicant an appeal which will take a few months then it will be looked at again.

Parish Councillors – Cllr Butlin has advised that the insulation in the loft is now completely finished and that the old garage doors have been removed and disposed of.

Cllr Thomas has reported the hedges on the way out of the village as they are overhanging the road.  We found the phone number but there has been no response so we are now looking at trying to find out the address of the owner so that a letter can be written.

b) Speedwatch – A group of people are going to start it up again and they are going to use the old speed gun for now until a decision is made with regards to buying a new one with other Parish Councils.


Cllr Thomas is still to write to Thames Water re the defective main, just so that they are aware that the Parish has not forgotten and also so that if in the event of another flood from the main that we can prove that we have repeatedly advised them that the drain is defective.


Please can people remember to things on fix my street on the WODC website.

156/19 TRAFFIC:  
158/19 FINANCE

a)    Payments:

Name Reason Amount
Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary £492.51
Village Hall Environment Meeting £8.00
Clare Want Mowing and weed killing playground and War Memorial £47.50
Adrian Tyler Churchyard and Burial Ground £220.00
Moore Stephens Fixed Letter Fee £48.00
Dave Butlin New Gate along Yarnton Road £146.62

b) Income:

Individual/Company Amount
Precept £7165

i) Lease for the Pavilion and the Playing Field – We have all the information for us to go ahead with the new lease.  The price of this will be £450 +VAT.  The Sports and Social Club should pay for the new lease.  Tracey to email the Sports and Social to advise that this needs to be done.  Tracey is too also add to the email that we need a copy of the insurance certificate that they have for the Pavilion.

ii) Website – We now have the domain name allocated £179.99 for 2 years. The website address is Once the website is paid for, we can then move forward in registering email addresses for the councillors.

iii) Parish Councillors new Gmail accounts – this was discussed in the note above.

iv) Repair of the Playarea – Cllr Thomas and Cllr Butlin are going to look at the climbing frame with regards to the WODC Playground Inspectors report.

v) WODC Grant for the new play equipment – Tracey has been advised by WODC that we need to have a post instluation Inspector to come and look at the new play equipment and. Once this has been done, we can send the report to Tara at WODC and they can then agree the grant.  Tracey has advised Suzi from Sports and Social that this is what needs to done and she has spoken to Proludic about it.  They have given her a number of someone that they use for her to contact.  I have intern spoken to a company called Playforce who have given me a quote of £114 + VAT for an annual inspection.  The Parish Council advised that they would like the inspection done as soon as possible then we can receive the grant and Proludic can be paid.

vi) Nationwide Account – The Clerk took a cheque into Nationwide to try and pay it into the Business Savings Account that the Parish Council holds only to be told that it could not be paid in at the branch.  After several phone calls Cllr Thomas was told that the cheque would need to be sent to the Business Savings Team in Northampton. Cllr Thomas thinks that we should look at putting the money somewhere different.

vii) Climate Change Meeting – There is a Climate Change meeting in the Village Hall on 16th October.  Next week WODC has a Climate Change meeting at Marlborough School which Cllr Thomas is looking to attend.

viii) Anti-Social Incident in Cassington – There was a function at the Village Hall on Friday 27th September with members of St Bartholomew School in Eynsham.  Cllr Thomas received a call from Cllr Perrin as her husband had, had beer cans thrown at him and was also followed home by several teenagers who had then threatened to stab him. Cllr Thomas advised Cllr Perrin to call the police and then called Kathryn as they had heard that they were coming to the village hall to cause trouble and knew that she had the phone number of one of the parents. The incident happened at 19:45. The question was that should the Village Hall committee ban all further events from Bartholomew School.  The Village Hall committee have had several meetings over the past few months and have drawn up new criteria on what they will do if any problems arise at these events. The have changed the booking procedure.  They now insist that a responsible adult signs the booking form and also takes full responsibility for the event with security.  The decision was made that they Village Hall committee would write to Bartholomew School and advise that this incident has happened and that it is believed that they boys were members of the school.

ix) Men in Sheds – Cllr Thomas has spoken to Gordon with regards to Men in Sheds.  This is an idea for retired men that want to get out socialise. And can do so by meeting up with other men to fix, make or repair items.  Cllr Thomas has put a notice in CAWN.  There are a group of men in Eynsham that are looking at starting a group.



161/19 Date of Next meeting:

Mid Monthly Planning Meeting 15th October @ 8pm in The Chequers

Date of the next Parish Council Meeting Thursday 7th November 7.30pm in the Village Hall