Developer PVDP’s “Targeted Consultation”

Botley West Solar Farm Uploaded on June 18, 2024

Developer PVDP’s “Targeted Consultation”

Today (14 June 2024) – with NO advance notice – PVDP have launched what they describe as a “Targeted Consultation” advising of changes to the cable route and a few other changes to the “Red line” boundary of the proposed site. Despite promises by Mark Owen Lloyd that all 22,000 households would be contacted, it would appear that the “Information Change Note on Target Consultation” will not be delivered to those households but is only available on request by post or for download at the Developer’s site or at a limited number of libraries. A word of warning: The promised “zoomable version of the map” on the Developer’s website is likely to crash and fail to download if you are using a mobile device.

Further, PVDP write: “We do not anticipate that we will be undertaking any further rounds of consultation later this year. However, we will be producing a document prior to submitting our application that presents our final design, highlighting how Botley West has been refined following the hundreds of pieces of feedback that we have received during consultation.”

This suggests that they do not plan to consult this year on any of the many important concerns raised in your feedback, by the other major consultees, such as CPRE, Historic England and WODC or by SBW in their Adequacy of Consultation report.

This targeted Consultation ends on 28 July 2024.

Before this deadline, we urge every one of you – and your family, friends and neighbours – to:

  1. Read an online version of the “Information Change Note on Target Consultation” booklet here. You can also e-Mail the developer at requesting a hard copy of the booklet or pick one up at Botley, Eynsham, Kidlington or Woodstock libraries. The booklet contains details of 57 changes including to the cable route across the Thames. Please study the changes in the area you know best and consider their impact. One example of a potentially devasting addition to the red line boundary is the use of ancient Dornford Lane as an access road.
  2. Respond to PVDP by sending your feedback by e-Mail to  Copy your response to:WODC:,

    The Inspectorate, PINS:

    SBW at

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