September 2019 Minutes

Minutes 2019 Uploaded on April 26, 2021

Minutes of a Meeting held in Cassington Village Hall 7.30 pm on

Thursday 5th September 2019


Cllr H Thomas, Cllr B King, Cllr C Metcalf, Cllr D Butlin, Cllr J Perrin Clerk Mrs T Cameron, Cllr D Levy, Cllr C Mathew plus 2 members of the public

131/19 APOLOGIES  

Cllr C Rylett


No Declaration

The Parish Council has also made the public aware that the meeting is recorded for the clerk to type up the minutes at a later date at home.


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 8th August 2019 were approved after some changes


a) Thames Valley Police Report – notifications of incidents in Cassington

There have been a number of number plate thefts in Enstone. If you notice that your number plate has been stolen please report it too the police and your insurance company as soon as possible.  There are special number plate screws that you can buy to secure your number plate.

There have been a number of scam calls in Chipping Norton with regards to having peoples internet switched off.

b) Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting –

1) Order Salt Bags – Small salt bags have been ordered to be delivered in October to the Pavilion

2) Balance of Barclays account – The balance is £2039.56

3) File with regards to Housing Survey – The clerk has made up a file with regards to people in the village needing housing.

4) Oak Tree from Charles – The Clerk emailed Charles after he kindly offered to supply an oak tree to the village.

i) Previous Planning Application –


PROPOSAL: Refurbishment of curtilage listed building

Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act

LOCATION: Reynolds Farm Pound Lane Cassington

APPLICANT: Mr Matthew Walls

STATUS: Approved


PROPOSAL: Conversion of a former barn to two residential units. (Retrospective).

LOCATION: Reynolds Farm Pound Lane Cassington

APPLICANT: Mr Matthew Walls

STATUS: Approved


PROPOSAL: Conversion of barn to create 2 self-contained units (Retrospective)

LOCATION: Dove House Pound Lane Cassington

APPLICANT: Mr Matthew Walls

STATUS: Under Consideration


PROPOSAL: Use of building and land for charcoal production (B2 use)

LOCATION: Land and Building at Cassington Oxfordshire

APPLICANT: Mr Adam Hulewicz

REGISTERED: STATUS: Under Consideration


a) Neighbourhood Watch –

Cllr Mathew – Cllr Mathew has advised that the discussion for Horsemere Lane is being put towards to the cabinet members on 12th September in County Hall (Cllr Thomas also advised that two members of the Parish Council are going to talk on behalf of the village).  Cllr Mathew has said that he is also going to talk.  With regards that the village has asked for it to be closed. OCC has suggested that the project should be agreed and should be approved. Cllr Mathew has spoken to Cllr Constance that the slip road should be discussed.  Cllr Mathew has advised that there are neither on waste or gravel on any matters that involve Cassington.

Cllr Thomas brought up the gate that was destroyed at the far end off Cassington and if OCC would pay for it to be replaced.  Cllr Mathew advised that OCC would probably not replace it but he would be happy to pay for it out of his Priority Councillor Fund.  He would need 3 quotes for the materials for it.  Cllr Thomas also mentioned that along the road from Cassington to Yarton the hedge has now grown over the path and cars are now getting scratched.  The situation for the Park and Ride is that the planning application was put in and they are still awaiting the results of the consultation.

Cllr Levy – With regards to the A40 the three District Councillors have all raised an objection and encouraged the District Council to also object and were pleasantly surprised that they also did. The formal consultation for the Garden Village ends on 9th October.

Parish Councillors – Cllr Metcalf has been researching companies that would be able to produce a website for the Parish Council.  If we wanted a .gov website then it would take 4-6 weeks to check and see if you are eligible to use it.  It was mentioned that the councillors all have a separate email account.  It was decided that £200 would be set aside for Cllr Metcalf to start with the website.

A comment was made with regards to the NALC quartley magazine subscription that the councillors had not been receiving them in quite a while.  Tracey was to look into if there was a physical copy or if it was just on the website.

Cllr Perrin has had a few more things delivered by PCSO Helen Keen.  She has said that she needs to get a few more cold calling stickers.  Cllr Perrin has advised that there is a team of people that have said that they will volunteer for Speed Watch once the children have gone back to school. There was a discussion with regards to the proposal mentioned by Cllr Mathew that 4 villages could share a new speed gun and also share the cost of purchasing it.

Manor Farm all the people are in and they are now just dealing with the external works.

b) Speedwatch –


A member of the public has asked if there is something is going to be done about the slip road coming into the village as people are flying into the village and not stopping at the give way lines.  Until we know what is happening with the A40/Park and Ride there isn’t anything that we can do.


Cllr Thomas has had a response from Blenheim with regards to Thames Water and they have advised that they are going to allow the Parish Council to take the lead.  Cllr Thomas has said that he thinks that the next course of action would be to write to Ofwat.


Please can people remember to things on fix my street on the WODC website.

Tracey asked Greenfields to look at the climbing frame in the play area and they have come back with a price of £598 +VAT.  Cllr Thomas and Cllr Butlin are going to have a look at it and see what is involved.

140/19 TRAFFIC:  

The Sports and Social club are looking at making a new football pitch by moving the goal posts.

Tracey has asked if the Parish Council are going to pay for The WODC Playground Inspector to come and look at the new play equipment.  The decision was that we were.  The inspection sheet now needs to be updated with the new equipment on it.

142/19 FINANCE

a)    Payments:

Name Reason Amount
Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary £492.51
Green Gym Clearance of St Peters Ditch £50
SLCC South West Regional Training (Clerk Course) £48.00
Ubico Playground Inspection £18.73
Moore Stephens Fixed Letter Fee £48.00
Proludic Retention of Green Gym Equipment £346.80
Village Hall Parish Council Meeting bookings £48.00

b) Income:

Individual/Company Amount


PROPOSAL: Conversion of lost including the addition of roof lights, three rear dormer windows and one front dormer window.

LOCATION: Thornfield The Green Cassington

APPLICANT: Mr C Osgathorp

REGISTERED: 11th August 2019


i) Closure of the Barclays Account –The Parish Council has decided that it is time to close the Barclays account as we do not use it.  The money is too be put into the Nationwide Saving account.

ii) Lease for the Pavilion and Playing Field – Cllr Thomas has emailed members of the Sports and Social Club again to advise that we need to get the new lease drawn up.

iii) Horsemere Lane – Has been covered in the minutes by Cllr Mathew

iv) No Parish Council Meeting for August 2020 – It has been agreed that there will be no Parish Council Meeting in August 2020.



145/19 Date of Next meeting:

Mid Monthly Planning Meeting 17th September @ 8pm in The Red Lion

Date of the next Parish Council Meeting Thursday 3rd October 7.30pm in the Village Hall