Sports and Social Committee Annual report 2021

Uploaded on June 2, 2021

Sports and Social Committee
Annual report 2021

2020/21 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
However despite all the difficulties the Sports and Social committee have kept the facilities in good
order and available for use whenever regulations permitted.

At the start of the Charities year the whole country was in lockdown so sport was not permitted, although people were encouraged to take daily exercise. The playing fields were available for this purpose, and were much used. In May the committee met to discuss opening up the MUGA for tennis, as the regulations were relaxed to permit some sport to be played. During the summer
months the tennis courts were well used providing a valuable sporting resource for the village.

In the summer the cricket team were able to play 8 matches and the Cassington Rangers, Wooton FC
and Combe Juniors all managed to play some games. During the summer we bought freestanding
football goals for the football teams, but also for anyone who wanted to have a kick about or
practise scoring goals. They have been well used by families taking exercise throughout the year. At
the end of the year we bought some 9 aside football goals, which are smaller and easier for the
young when having a kickabout.

Sadly we have been unable to run any events this year due to the pandemic and social distancing
guidelines. Fortunately we received a grant of £10,000 from WODC during the first lockdown, which
enabled us to pay the insurance, electricity bills, water charges and diesel for the mower. We also
received a grant of £9,431 to cover the second and third lockdowns. We had 13 families take out
membership at a cost of £25 per family.

During the year we renewed our lease of the playing fields and pavilion with the Parish Council.
Many thanks to Amanda Fancourt who went through the document, liaised with the PC’s lawyers to
make sure it was appropriate for our purposes, and ensured it was signed correctly!

We are very fortunate in that a number of people in the village donate their time, particularly for
mowing the playing fields and also erecting and removing the tennis nets according to the season.
We would like to record our grateful thanks to all those people who have helped, especially Graham

Finally I would like to formally record thanks to all those members of the committee working so hard to enable the village to enjoy our wonderful facilities.

25 April 2021