September 2018 Agenda

Agenda 2018 Uploaded on April 27, 2021

 Agenda for Cassington Parish Council Meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday

6th September 2018, in the Village Hall.

1. Apologies

2. Declarations of interest

(Any pecuniary interests should be declared also a review of current declarations of interests circulated)

3 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd August 2018.

 4. Matters arising

a) Thames Valley Police Alerts –notification of incidents in Cassington/ Neighbourhood watch update.

b) Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting:

i) War Memorial – Grant has been awarded for £1610

ii) Phone Box

iii) Rural Crime Reporting Line

iv) Defib

d) Playing Field

i) Sports Pavilion improvements.

e) Benches

f) Request for Headstones by Banbury Memorials.

g) Manor Farm

h) Mill Lane trees

i) Horsemere Lane Closure

5. Correspondence

a) Consultation on Further Modifications to the Submission Draft West Oxon Local Plan.

6. Reports from County and District & Parish Councillors

a) Neighbourhood Watch

b) Speed Watch

7. Questions from the Public

 8. Ditches, Drainage and Flooding

a) Thames Water flood

9. Maintenance/ Grants

a) Fix My Street

10. Traffic

11. Play Area/ Playing Field

a) Quote from Greenfields for repairs £357.60

b) Playground Providers

12. Finance

 a) Payments to be approved:

Individual/Company Reason Amount
Clare Want Grass Cutting £25.00
Clare Want War Memorial £25.96
Village Hall Parish Council Meetings £32.00
Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary £314.61
WODC Grounds Maintenance £133.80
HMRC NI Contributions £203.33

b) Income:

Individual/Company Amount

13. Planning Applications

c) Date for mid-month planning meeting.

14. Any other business

i) Chris Metcalf as new Councillor

ii) WW1 Tree Sapling

iii) Salt Bags

iv) Budget Sep 18-Mar 19

v) Christmas Tree on the Green

vi) Any complaints from the No Mans Land event

vii) Tesco Bag Scheme

viii) Traffic Advisory Committee

ix) Hog Roast in the Village Hall Car Park

15. Date of next meeting

Parish Meeting 4th October at The Village Hall at 7.30pm