July 2018 Minutes

Minutes 2018 Uploaded on May 1, 2021

Minutes of a Meeting held in the village hall at 7.30 pm on

Thursday 5th July 2018

Present: Cllr H Thomas (Chair), Cllr J Perrin, Cllr B King, Cllr D Butlin Cllr P Kellend, Cllr C Matthews (OCC) 4 members of the public and the Clerk Tracey Cameron


Cllr C Mitchell, Cllr C Rylett(WODC), Cllr E James(WODC)


Declaration declared by Cllr Thomas with regards to the planning permission for Rygor Mercedes Benz Eynsham Road Cassington.  They wish to put up new signage


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 12th June 2018 were approved.


a) Thames Valley Police Report – notifications of incidents in Cassington

6th June a Blue Audi was stolen form Standlake

Between 15-20th June a red tractor was stolen from Swerford.

The Police have asked if people can be careful during this hot weather not to leave doors and windows open unattended.  There have been a few opportune burglaries with small valuable items being taken.

Trading Standards and Police have had report of people cold calling offering to jet wash their patios and driveways.  They have asked that no one agrees to these people as they could be checking the property to come back at a later date to steal items.

A man has been reported in Chipping Norton trying to sell mattresses door to door, He is said to be quite intimidating and asking what money you have in the house to pay for the mattresses and if there is none.  Then he has said that that he will take you to the cash point/bank so that you can withdraw the money.  The police have asked that if you see this man that please can you dial 999.

b) Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting

i) War Memorial – The application for the War Memorial Grant has been sent off.  It will take approx. 7 weeks before we hear back if we are successful.

ii) Unity Bank (Internet Banking) – Tracey still does not have access to the Unity Bank Account.  Have re sent application form and still have heard nothing back.  Tracey will chase up and find out what is happening.

iii) Greenfields – Tree Work – This was carried out on 21st June. They removed all the deadwood and tidied the trees up.

iv) Clare Play Area – Clare will now be mowing the grass every 3 weeks or so, to keep the grass in a good state.

v) Land Registry – Tracey applied to the land registry to see who own which part of the ditch that runs past St Peters School.  This has been now been given to the Council.

vi) Bark for Play Area – This has now been done by Cassington Nurseries.

d) Playing Field – Sports Pavilion Improvements

Cllr Thomas has a meeting on Monday 9th July with Graham Mills and Catherine Humpries. To discuss how they are going to spend the money.  At present they have approx £25k but need £40k.  Graham and Catherine would like to start on the improvements now and then they would need to see how they are going to raise the rest of the money to the other improvements. Once the works start on the Manor Farm project starts. The Blenhiem will pay out the money from the Section 106 agreement.

e) Benches – Benches for 3 residents in the village that have passed who had contributed to the village. Waiting for the

spring so that we can organise an occasion so that family members and villagers can see the benches put in. The plaques for the chairs have now been ordered.

f) Request for Headstones by Banbury Memorial –

Additional Inscription for John William Douglas


a) Consultation on Further Modifications to the Submission Draft West Oxon Local Plan.  – Nothing to report.


a) Nothing to report from WODC Councillors

Nothing to report from OCC Councillor

b) Speedwatch – Nothing to report

c) Neighbour Hood Watch – Eynsham neighbourhood meeting on Monday 9th July.

d) Cllr Thomas advised that he has been advised that Planning are taking an enforcement notice out on Dove House as they have had building work done and did not apply for planning permission.  The Planning Officer has been down and advised them that they will need to apply for retrospect planning permission.

e) Horsemere Lane – Waiting for information that was meant to be have been received by the end of June.  Have not received any information as yet.

f) Manor Farm – They are due to start work within the next week or so. It looks like they will look at the demolition of the barns first,

g) Cllr Thomas to write to the Chief Constable regarding the lack of PCSOs.

h) Cllr Thomas looking into blanford flies on how we can look at dealing with them next year.

i) Mill Lane – Cllr Thomas has been advised by the residents on Mill Lane that people are parking on the grass making it muddy and wearing away the grass.  It was suggested that maybe a few trees are planted there and also putting some boulders in between to mark the area


Advised that the 4 trees in the river along on A40 will be taken out shortly and that the owner will look at dredging it as well.

Also, the traffic at the lights people are stopping in the wrong lane so that they can try and beat the other traffic to get round going back to Witney.


Yarnton Road the wooden fence is broken – To get quotes for repair.

Cllr Thomas has written to Thames Water and is awaiting a response


The War Memorial Grant has been sent.  They will notify us within about 7 weeks.

84/18 TRAFFIC:

Speed Watch to take place on 6th July 2018


a) New Signs for the play area – It was advised by Greenfields that the play area have    some signage regarding age of children, that it should be a smoking and dog free zone and that children should only be playing there only under supervision of and adult.  Tracey      looked on ebay and could order signs for £11.25.  It was decided that they should be      ordered.  Cllr Butlin advised that he would fix the signs up.

b) Greenfields Quote for the repair of the climbing frame – Greenfields have quoted £392.40 to fix parts of the climbing frame. Cllr Butlin advised that he would look at the   climbing with Cllr Thomas to see if he could fix any of the parts.


a)    Payments:

Name Reason Amount
Dave Butlin Fixings for Notice Board £6.62
Cassington Landscapes Bark for play area £400.00
Clare Want Mowing of playground £10.00
Rees Russell Audit £444.00
Clive Wilkinson Accounts £660.00
Adrian Tyler Grass Cutting £290.00
Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary £597.76

b) Income:

Individual/Company Amount
Banbury Memorial £27.00
Reeves Memorial £132.00

c) Nationwide Fixed Account ends 19th July 2019

Cllr Thomas will contact Nationwide to decide on what needs to be done regarding the account





PROPOSAL: Erection of replacement signs

LOCATION: Rygor Mercedes Benz Eynsham Road Cassington

APPLICANT: Mercedes Benz UK

REGISTERED: 24th May 2018


PROPOSAL: Change of use of existing stable buildings to uses falling within Class B1 (Business).

LOCATION: Livery Yard Worton Park Worton

APPLICANT: Mr Adam Hulewicz

REGISTERED: 12th June 2018

Mid-Month Planning meeting planned 17th July 2018

88/18 AOB:

a) Query from Mr Marks re parties on fields in South Cassington – Mr Marks has been disturbed 3 times in the past year by parties held on or near Hatwells field along the A40.  It       is dependent on the way they the wind blows.  The problem seems to be the length of the   time that the license is granted for with regards to food and drink and also the time the      music is played for. The question is what can be done about and also how can the Parish Council be sent the temporary licence applications that are given in. Peter Kellend to have       a work Bill Oddy. To see what can be done and also if the proper licences have been       applied for.

b) Area Action Plan re Garden Village in Eynsham – There is to be a Public Exhibition       for the Garden Village at St Leonards Church Hall Market Square Eynsham Monday 9th       July 2-8pm.

c) New Notice Board in Bell Lane – Cllr Butlin will have a look and see what can be done    so that no water gets in.

d) FM Promotions W/18/00607/PRMA – Application for New Premises Licence 12:00 31/08/2018 – 14:00 03/09/2018 – No mans land events will be taking place.  No objections  had been raised at the time when the notice was made.

e) Cllr Mitchell will be resigning at the end of the meeting – Resignation letter was         given to the clerk.

f) Facebook page for Cassington Parish Council – It was decided that it would be better

if the Parish had a website instead of facebook.  Tracey to look into it.

g) Cassington Parochial Charities – The four-year term of Martin Eric Rogers of Wharf Farm – one of the Charity Trustees, expires on 14th July 2018. Martin is prepared to stand again for a further four-year term. – Council are happy for Mr Rogers to stand      again

h) Bike Night – The Parish Council would like to thank the committee for the well        organized and also very well run event. Cllr Thomas to write a note to the Bike Night Committee



89/18 Date of Next meeting:

This was agreed for Thursday 2nd August 2018 at 7.30pm in The Village Hall