May 2017 Minutes

Minutes 2017 Uploaded on May 1, 2021

Minutes of a Meeting held in the village hall at 7.35 pm on

Thursday 4th May 2017.

Present: Cllr H Thomas (Chair) Cllr C Mitchell, Cllr B King, Cllr A Thomas twelve members of the public and the Clerk David Casey.


Cllr J Perrin, Cllr P Emery and Cllr P Kelland (WODC) Cllr C Mathew (OCC)


The Chairman explained that any pecuniary or personal or non pecuniary interest in an item should be declared.


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6TH April were approved.


a) Thames Valley Police: – The website reported on burglary attempt in Cassington Rd Eynsham. Residents are asked to be vigilant and secure their property.

b)  Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting:-

i) Julie to ask PCSO’s how to support elderly residents re crime etc also people that     work in the day: report awaited.

ii) Julie to source neighbourhood  watch signs: report awaited.

iii)  Ask for an extension on Manor Farm development for comment. Actioned  by Clerk

iv) HT Ask school to cut back overhanging trees. Action still required.

v) HT- Talk to Sports and Social Club treasurer re grant from charity Hugh. HT has    spoken to Caroline Morton but this has not been followed up.  HT to remind them.

vi) £200 donation for Bike night. Included on agenda for payment.

c) Neighbourhood Watch –update from Cllr Perrin. Report to be presented to the next meeting. Details to be included in the next edition of CAWN.


a)  To agree the renewal the council’s insurance with Came & Co – £500.99. It was Resolved to accept the quotation which is part of a three year agreement.

b)  Invitation to attend the induction of a new vicar for Cassington. It was agreed that a representative should attend this event on Monday 19th May.

c)  Community Fund grant. Cllr C Matthew had circulated details of this new grant. It was agreed to discuss this at the mid month planning meeting.


No county or district councillor available to give a report.

Cllr Mitchell reported on Speedwatch surveys: registration details of offending motorists are now emailed to the police.




No questions raised.


No report


a)  To consider quotations from conservation architects on the condition of the War Memorial. The Clerk reported that he had met with Architect James Mackintosh who quoted £365 for undertaking the survey. Cllr H Thomas had met William Holborrow from Purcell Ltd who had quoted £765.Both quotations have been submitted to the  War Memorials Trust for a grant towards the survey cost.

b) The Clerk reported that he had received an email confirm the planting to Church Road site should be completed next week. The stumps on the ground are showing signs of growth and may require treatment. Cllr H Thomas will speak to Piers Lewis about this.

70/17 TRAFFIC:

No report.

71/17 PLAY AREA:

No report,

72/17 FINANCE:

a)    Payments:

It was Resolved to make the following payments after considering the budget.

Adrian Tyler- grass cutting burial ground and sports field    £695

Came & Co Insurance                                                           £500.51

Community First Subscription                                           £55

WODC  – Grass cutting Village Green                                   £62.63

Grant to Bike Night Committee                                              £200

 b)   Income:  Income Burial fee of £279 from St Peter’s Church ref Ron Langstone  

c)  To approve the Annual Governance Statement – statement of assets and internal control checklist previously circulated. This was discussed at the mid month planning meeting and It was Resolved to approve the 2017 Annual Governance Statement. The list of assets has been updated to include the MUGA new lighting and associated equipment. Cllr H Thomas will ask the Sports & Social Club if they have insured any of the items which relate to the MUGA pitch. If not they will need to be included on the council’s insurance.

d) Banking:

i) To agree the opening of a Nationwide Business Saver A/C paying 0.65% and transfer the existing Barclays Deposit A/C. It was Resolved to agreed the setting up of this account and to transfer the Barclays deposit account which no longer pays interest.

ii)  To consider the options for online banking including changing banks.

Cllr Thomas will ask Barclays if the Clerk can have access to the account to set up creditors but without authorisation for payments. Online payments can then be authorised at council meetings. If this cannot be done then consideration will be given to changing to Unity Bank.







Application No APPLICATION NO: 17/00609/FUL PROPOSAL: Demolition of existing  Dutch barns and erection of 10 dwellings together with associated works and formation of vehicular access. Manor Farm, Eynsham Rd.

Cllr H Thomas said the council were not deciding on the application at this meeting as as they wanted more time to consider the application and collate residents views. The application was discussed at the mid month planning meeting and the following    concerns were identified.

Access to the site including the road to the site. Lack of public parking on site. Clarity of ownership of the land at the access to the site. If the application is approved how is is the S106 contribution to be calculated to ensure the parish council’s requirements for improved infrastructure are met.

Issues raised by residents:-

i)  Traffic safety is concern which will be exacerbated by the access to the site. The closing of Horsemere Lane will create additional traffic particularly at peak times. The lack of vision around the Eynsham Road was raised caused by the height of the hedge. It was thought this was in contravention of a condition of the planning   consent. Clerk to check position on this (Hollow Furlong Development)

ii) The Lack of affordable Housing offered in the development was a concern.

iii) One resident considered that the parish council’s view was critical to the outcome of the application.

iv) The possibility of placing conditions (i.e. landscaping) on the consent was raised.

Another resident commented that WODC had previously rejected development of the Manor Farm site due to inadequate access. The parish council is currently looking at at who owns the access and the triangle of land and road in front of no 1&2 The Green.

v) The issue of adequate drainage for the housing was raised.

The Clerk was asked to write to WODC to request more time to consider the planning application until information about land ownership of access to the site were known. Also to establish the date the application would go to the planning committee.

b) Mid Month Planning meeting: This was agreed for Tuesday 16th May at 8pm in the Red Lion.

74/17 AOB:  


75/17 Date of Next meeting:

This was agreed for Thursday 1st June in the village hall.