February 2024 Minutes

Minutes 2024 Uploaded on February 29, 2024


You are summoned to attend Cassington Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 1st February 2024 in the Village Hall, The Green.


  1. Apologies – Cllr Thompson
  1. People Present – Cllr Rogers, Cllr King, Cllr Mills, Cllr Metcalf, Cllr Goodwin & Clerk Tracey Cameron plus 6 members of the public
  1. Declarations of interest

(Any pecuniary interests should be declared also a review of current declarations of interests circulated) – Cllr Rogers has declared that he is the Chair of Stop Botley West

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd November 2023 & 7th December 2024
  1. Comments from the Public –
  1. Report from Clerk
  • Elms Road Ditch – Awaiting to hear back from Blenheim with regards to the ditch and the balance pond.
  • VAS Machines – Still waiting to hear back from Highways with regards to the removal of the VAS machine along Elms Road and also Yarnton Road. The Parish Council are also looking at purchasing a movable VAS to be put in the village.
  • Resignation of Adrian Tyler – The Parish Council have asked the Clerk to contact the other tenders that submitted before to see if they would like to retender. The Clerk to also contact Ubico with regards to their tender to see if it still stood.
  1. Planning

Previous Planning Application Decisions



20/01734/OUT Land North of A40 Section from Barnard Gate To Eynsham Roundabout Eynsham   Grosvenor Developments Ltd UNDER


23/01182/FUL Churchfields Care Home Pound Lane Cassington Erection of a two-storey detached key worker nurses’ accommodation block and

associated works

23/02277/FUL Grange Farm Bungalow


Construction of replacement dwelling, erection of detached garden studio and installation of swimming pool together with associated works. Mr Blackmore APPROVED
23/03076/LBC Lime Cottage Bell Lane Cassington Replacement of seven windows and one door



New Planning Applications

24/00045/HHD Silver Birches Yarnton Road Cassington Erection of single storey rear extension, open front entrance porch and raising of

existing flat roof by approx 150mm together with 3no. rear dormer windows,

rooflight to front elevation, partial re-cladding of front elevation, alterations to

windows and removal of chimney all as confirmed as permitted development under

WODC app ref 23/02957/CLP.

Mr And Mrs D Henman 7th February 2024

 Botley Solar Farm – Report from Group – Heading towards

Development control meeting with WODC 5th Feb – Robert Gun will represent all Parish Councils.  The statement written by Cllr Rogers has been agreed by the Parish Council which he will submit to WODC & PVP

  1. Correspondence
  1. Reports from County and District & Parish Councillors –

County Councillor

Cassington Parish Council

County Council Report, 1 February 2024

Key activity at County Hall has been handling the floods, preparing the budget and continuing the transformation of the service provided to children with special educational needs. In my role as Cabinet Member for finance, I have been coping with the failure of central government to provide the levels of funding it claimed it was providing, which meant that we had an even larger set of challenges than we had expected. We followed this by identifying savings and efficiencies we could make. The government then, last week, announced more money would be available, which is nice, but it would be better to have a system of funding that enabled sensible planning. The current methodology is shambolic, and councils of all political persuasions have been pointing this out.


Although the Eynsham Division was mostly unscathed by the recent floods, with the exception of a few areas, other parts of the county were less fortunate. It is a wake up call about building in places that can’t be kept dry. The response in West Oxfordshire was better than in some other places, in part because WODC takes a more active role working with Oxfordshire than other districts. There will be a cross-agency process to improve on our flood preparedness and responses.

A40 update.

Homes England, who are the source or the bulk of the funding for the A40 scheme, are still in discussions with the County Council about the level and timing of that funding, and hence the project appearing to be making no progress. I share the frustration, not least because the Park and Ride is making such rapid progress. The whole scheme was over-ambitious, and it is a regret that when the current administration came into office it took over those plans rather than starting again from scratch.

Botley Road.

We are in continual discussion with Network Rail. We are told that the works are still on schedule to permit the reopening of Botley Road to motor vehicles in October.

Fix my Street.

It is very likely that the recent wet weather and the current cold spell will lead to an increase in the number and size of holes. Please use Fix my Street to report these. As mentioned frequently, we estimate that it would take around £45m per annum to keep the roads in a decent state. The government provides £20m. The Fix my Street website has been improved to make it easier to use.

Botley West Solar Farm

As you know, the current phase of consultation is reaching its conclusion. The County Council will be providing comments to the developer, as required. This will focus on those areas for which the County Council has primary responsibility, including highways and flooding. I think it safe to say that, among other things, it was noticeable that the consultation evidence provided by PVDP was inadequate. I was particularly unimpressed by the vagueness of cable routing options.

The District Council will be the main local authority delivering evidence, although as we all know it is the planning inspectorate and central government which will decide the application.

It was disappointing to read in the local media untruths about the position of my party with regards to the Solar Farm. It is not supported by me or my party, and I know that other members of the party, including the MP for the place where the substation might be and our candidate for the new parliamentary constituency, have also made this clear. I don’t normally include party politics in my reports as councillor, and hope this will continue to be possible.

As ever, please contact me on

District Councillors – Cllr levy – No response from the High Court judicial review for Salt Cross the inspectorate advised that they couldn’t use zero net carbon, but this was taken on by an action group. Development meeting on Monday with regards to the Solar Farm Lowlands Planning on Monday will also include the Churchfields Planning Application which the planning officer has put forward to be approved.

Parish Councillors – Cllr Metcalf asked about the Defib location number that was brought up by a member of the public – The Clerk will contact Circuit and SCAS to see if they have the location code or know where we might find it.

Cllr King & Cllr Mills received an email from a resident with regards to the Speedwatch Signs and they feel that there are too many in the village.  Cllr Mills will respond.

Cllr King went to the Kidlington Airport meeting – Glare, electromagnetic issues and they would like a corridor in the solar farm for take off and landing in the case of an accident.

They have also asked for evidence from the solar farm that it would not be an issue.

  1. Ditches, Drainage and Flooding – Cllr Rogers advised that there was a team of volunteers that cleared the ditch behind the Pavilion. He would like to thank everyone who helped out.
  1. Maintenance/ Grants
  1. Traffic
  • Speed Watch

Replacement of Speed Watch sign – Ron is going to look for a replacement and will advise the clerk.

Speed Watch Report

No. of sessions:  3 (6 sessions cancelled due to bad weather or holiday)

Total number of vehicles:                            455

No. of offending vehicles:                            69

Between 25mph & 30mph:                          42

Between 31mph & 40 mph:                         26

Over 40 mph:                                                1

Highest offender:                                         47 mph

  • Speed Indicators – The Parish Council are looking at purchasing a new VAS Machine after April and are working with the Speed Watch Group as to where it would need to be put.
  • Traffic Calming – The Parish Council would like this on the agenda and are working with the Speedwatch Group so that we have the correct information when we go to OCC.
  1. Play Area & Recreation Ground
  • Replacement Playground Equipment

Fund Raiser last week raised £1500 – Blenheim have agreed to make donation.  A member of the public has advised that we contact the contractor for the A40 as before they offered help and also a donation.  Cllr Levy will email the Clerk contact details.

  1. Church Yard and Burial Grounds – Clerk to check with Land Registry who owns the land for the Burial Ground. The Parish Council will discuss before the meeting between the Parish Council and The PCC.
  1. Finance

Payments to be approved:

Individual/Company Reason Amount
Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary £1025.68
Ron MacDonald Expenses for Speed Watch £13.40
Viking Stationary £18.40
HMRC Tax & National Insurance £245.79
Unity Trust Bank Service Charge £18.00
Rialtus Move Software to new server £30.00


Individual/Company Reason Amount

 Balance of Unity Bank as of Friday 26th January 2024 – £13,637.74

  1. Questions from the Public

Member of the public asked about style on Bell Lane.  Dan asked Clerk to email him, and he will chase.

A Member of the public has advised that there are suckers growing round the trees.  Could these be cleared.

  1. Date of next meeting: Thursday 7th March 2024 @7.30pm in the Village Hall