Agenda March 2022

Agenda 2022 Uploaded on February 27, 2022

You are summoned to attend Cassington Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 3 rd March at the Village Hall, The Green.

Agenda & Summons

1. Apologies

2. Declarations of interest
(Any pecuniary interests should be declared also a review of current declarations of interests circulated)

3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 3 rd February

4. Matters arising
a) Thames Valley Police Alerts – notification of incidents in and around Cassington
b) Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting:
• Horsemere Lane/Cassington Lights
• Mobile Phone for Clerk
• Clerk to purchase old laptop
• Stone Mason quote on War Memorial
• Neighbourhood Plan
• Trees on the Recreation Ground
• New Swing in Playing Area

5. Planning
Previous Planning Application Decisions

Land North of A40 Section from Barnard Gate To Eynsham Roundabout Eynsham

Grosvenor Developments Ltd



A40 Dualling of a 3.2km section of the A40 between the Hill Farm Junction to the proposed Eynsham Park and Ride and upgrade to shared path on northern verge, ii) widening of existing carriageway to provide dedicated eastbound and 6.5km section between proposed Park and Ride and Duke’s Cut iii) capacity and connectively improvements over three bridges and a culvert at Dukes Cut to enable eastbound bus lane over the bridges at A40 between Witney and Duke’s Cut

Oxfordshire County Council


Lime Cottage Bell Lane Cassington

Single storey and 1 1/2 storey
extensions, interior remodelling,
amendment to driveway and
boundary fencing

Mr I Humphrey


The Granary Jericho Farm Worton
Proposed basement extension, replace existing timber framed windows and doors with new double-glazed metal framed windows and doors; change one of the south facing ground floor windows to a door set

Mr & Mrs Ivanovic


2 Bell Lane Cassington Witney

Replacement Ground Floor Rear Extension and Formation of new First Floor Extension

Ms C Waters



3 Bell Lane Cassington Witney
First Floor Rear Extension

Mr & Mrs D Wright


Conversion of existing stable buildings to workshops/starter units (Use Class E)
Livery Yard Worton Park Worton

Mr A Hulewicz UNDER


Construction of a new outbuilding to form home office/workshop facilities (retrospective)
8 St Peters Close Cassington

Mr M Finch


OCC ref: R3.0151/21
PROPOSAL: The dualling of approximately 3.2km of the A40 carriageway from the existing Hill Farm junction at Witney to the Eynsham Park and Ride site (R3.0057/19) including the construction of two new roundabouts.
• An eastbound and westbound bus lane approximately 6.5km in length from the Eynsham Park and Ride site to existing structures at Duke’s Cut waterway (Duke’s Cut Canal Bridge, Earl’s Culvert, Wolvercote Railway Bridge and Wolvercote Canal Bridge);
• Capacity and connectivity improvements over the existing structures at Duke’s Cut waterway to enable the proposed eastbound bus lane to extend over the existing structures up to the A34 flyover in the east, forming a connection into Oxford North (Northern Gateway) strategic development site;
• Construction of a new signalised junction to the Eynsham Park and Ride site;
• New pedestrian/cyclist underpass at Cuckoo Lane (‘the Eynsham Underpass’). Two new pedestrian/cycle bridges at Cassington Halt (Cassington Halt Footbridge North and Cassington Halt Footbridge South);
• Widening of Cassington New Bridge;
• Demolition and replacement/extension of existing White House Culvert;
• Demolition and replacement/extension of Barnard Gate New Culvert;
• New and improved shared use footways and cycleways, including new shared use links to National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 5 at Duke’s Cut waterway;
• Alterations to existing junctions and property accesses along the A40;
• Controlled crossings, external lighting, noise barriers, sustainable drainage systems, landscaping, habitat creation including ecology ponds and associated hibernacula;
• All associated engineering and temporary construction works, site compound and storage areas. at A40 HIF2 Smart Corridor (‘HIF2 project’) A40 corridor between Witney and Wolvercote, Oxfordshire
APPLICANT Oxfordshire County Council
COMMENT DATE: 12TH March 2022

New Planning Applications

6. Correspondence

7. Reports from County and District & Parish Councillors
a) County Councillor
b) District Councillors
c) Parish Councillors/Neighbourhood Watch

8. Ditches, Drainage and Flooding
a) Thames Water

9. Maintenance/ Grants
a) Fix My Street

10. Traffic
a) Speed Watch

11. Play Area & Recreation Ground
a) Maintenance on the equipment at the other end of the Recreation Ground

12. Finance
Payments to be approved:

Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary – (minus tax & NI) £763.89
Clerk Expenses £425.67
ROSPA Operational Inspection Course £582.00
SLCC Memorial Safety Course £36.00
Netwise Website upgrade £78.25
OALC Membership £157.78
Greenman Garden Services Trees on the Recreation £1931.57


Balance of Unity Bank as of Sunday 27th February – £10,527.30

14. Any other business:
a) Increase in costs from Ubico re Grass Cuttting
b) Managing Local Council Elections SLCC Course £18.00 24th March
c) Government Reforms on the Planning System SLCC Course £36 6th April
d) Operation London Bridge £36.00 5th April

15. Questions from the Public

16. Date for mid-month planning meeting

17. Date of next meeting: Thursday 7th April 2022 @ 7.30pm in The Village Hall