February 2023 Minutes

Minutes 2023 Uploaded on February 25, 2023


Cassington Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd February 2023 in the Village Hall, The Green.


  1. Apologies – Cllr Rogers, Cllr Levy, Cllr Goodwin,
  1. People in Attendance – Cllr Mills, Cllr Metcalf, Cllr King, Cllr Thompson, Clerk – Tracey Cameron, 10 members of the public
  1. Declarations of interest

(Any pecuniary interests should be declared also a review of current declarations of interests circulated)

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 5th January 2023
  1. Report from Clerk
  • Dog Waste Bins – A new bin is due to but put at the bottom of the track by Williams Court. With the issues with Little Lane, WODC no longer has small dog waste bins, so the Parish Council are having to look at other places bins could be put.  Tracey suggested a bin could be put on in Bell Close by the entrance to Little Lane and also have the waste bin moved on the Green opposite Little Lane more to the front so it can be straight in front of Little Lane. – The Parish Council decided to ask WODC to move the bin on the Green opposite Little Lane to a more visible place.
  • 20mph Limit – This has now been implemented and new signs are up around the village. – The Parish Council are now looking ways to introduce traffic calming in the village.
  • Yew Tree in the Closed Burial Ground – Tracey has contacted 2 more companies and is waiting for quotes.
  • Lease for Recreation Ground – After nearly 18 months this has now been finalised. A copy has been given to the Sports and Social Club
  1. Planning
  • Previous Planning Application Decisions


20/01734/OUT Land North of A40 Section from Barnard Gate To Eynsham Roundabout Eynsham   Grosvenor Developments Ltd UNDER


22/02137/HHD The Granary Jericho Farm Worton Proposed basement extension, replace existing timber framed windows and doors with new double-glazed metal framed windows and doors, change one of the south facing ground floor windows to a door set and raise adjoining windows. The west facing old diary wing elevation, to have timber cladding finish in-between French doors replaced with a natural Cotswold stone finish (previously approved (21/03845/HHD)


This went to the Lowlands Committee on 4th January.  Cllr Goodwin was present and spoke on behalf of the Jericho Farm residents.  He asked for it to be deferred until the Flood Risk Plan was completed.  It was sent back to planning. – Cllr Rylett has advised that he will look into it.

22/03223/HHD 20The Green Cassington Installation of Solar Panel for domestic power generation Mr H Thomas UNDER CONSIDERATION
  • New Planning Applications
  • Botley Solar Farm – A member of the village created an Action Group and also joined with Bladon. They had a meeting 2 weeks ago. They have found that a large part of the Village were under informed, because of the name of the solar farm. They have advised that people need to do the four things.
  • Write to the local MP.
  • Sign the petition.
  • Reply to the next community consultation.
  • Help with funding.

A member of the village has advised that the field next to the recreation ground that there are swans on the field next to it and that it could wreak their habitat.

The Parish Council have agreed that the Action Group should carry on as they are and that the Parish Council will help where they can – All information has been put on the Parish Council website including links to other websites.

  1. Correspondence – Members of the village have contacted
  1. Reports from County and District & Parish Councillors
  • County Councillor – Dan Levy


The County Council budget for 2023-24 is being finalised and will go for approval to the next full meeting of Oxfordshire County Council. There are huge pressures in key areas, caused by inflation and by increasing demand. The County Council is responsible for adult social care (in which HM Govt has suspended its reform of financing), children’s services including supporting Special Educational Needs, and highways.

The settlement from central government was reasonably generous, but there is still far less money than we would need to be able to do all the things that residents ask for.

The County Council (like all other councils) is permitted to increase council tax by only 2.99% (or £5 if that is higher) and in addition has been told by HM Government to charge a precept of 2% for adult social care.


I am sure anyone who walks, cycles or drives will have noticed the huge number of potholes, following the rain and frost. They are being fixed as fast as is possible with the limited number of people available to do the work. Please do keep reporting issues on Fix my Street.

Work is going on to revise the A40 plans, to ensure that they can be fitted within the pot made available by central government. The original plans, drawn up several years ago, exceeded this limit because of the recent inflation pressures. It is likely that the Cassington section will be retained. This includes making the junction of Eynsham Road and the A40 much better, with intelligent traffic lights to ensure smoother vehicle flows and no long wait times when the A40 is quiet.

Cassington’s request for 20 mph speed limits was approved by the County Council in October, and I trust will soon go live.

Botley Road closure at the station

There is still no news from Network Rail about when the bridge under the station will be shut, even though they have been going ahead with the work to demolish the buildings which to be removed to permit the building of the new station.

The closure of Botley Road to cars and buses will have huge impact on residents and has a knock-on effect on all the other roads, and on plans to make bus journeys quicker.


First and Last Mile, who run the service from Standlake and Stanton Harcourt to Eynsham and from Eynsham to Freeland and Hanborough, have just had their first anniversary of being in service. It is an invaluable service, not least for the large number of pupils who use it to get to Bartholomew School.

They are always in need of more drivers to go on their roster and would be delighted to hear from any volunteers.

It would be good to know if Cassington residents would use a service to Hanborough if one were offered.

Meanwhile, the government gave money to the County Council, on the back of its commitments to improve bus travel times, to provide electric buses to be used in Oxfordshire by Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company. The first of the 159 electric buses should be in service in September.

As ever, please get in touch with any queries, issues, or comments.

  • District Councillors

District is undergoing on 2023/24 budget.

Some of the contracts that were brought in during COVID are being extended or have become permanent

Council Plan – Your Voice has now been adopted the next stage is an action plan.  Info will be coming round in the coming weeks.

  •  Parish Councillors
  1. Ditches, Drainage and Flooding
  1. Maintenance/ Grants
  1. Traffic
  • Speed Watch
  1. Play Area & Recreation Ground – Tracey to contact Proludic to try and get a quote for maintenance contract.
  1. Finance
  2. Payments to be approved:
Individual/Company Reason Amount
Tracey Cameron Clerk Pay S/O paid £768.15

Extra to be £92.34

  1. Income:
Individual/Company Reason Amount
St Leonards Church Burials £1080.00
  1. Any other business:
  1. Questions from the Public
  1. Date of next meeting: Thursday 2nd March 2023 @ 7.30pm in The Village Hall