April Minutes

Minutes 2022 Uploaded on April 25, 2022


Minutes of The Cassington Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 7th April 2022 at the Village Hall, The Green.


Cllr H Thomas, Cllr D Butlin, Cllr B King, Cllr C Metcalf Cllr C Rylett, Cllr A Goodwin & Clerk Mrs T Cameron plus 4 members of the public


Cllr Levy & Cllr Perrin


The Parish Council has made the public aware that the meeting is recorded for the clerk to type up the minutes later at home.

The meeting is recorded by the Clerk to enable her to type up the minutes later but is then deleted.


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 3rd March 2022 were approved.


a)     Thames Valley Police –

Residents are being warned to be cautious of cold callers offering to do driveway, landscaping or roofing work. They also often target consumers by leaflet dropping and creating fake profiles online.
Many traders will be booked up, so the advice is to be wary of traders who can arrive to start the work the following day and push for a quick agreement to use them. Always make sure you receive a final total cost in writing before agreeing to any work starting.
Oxfordshire residents can check the Local Authority’s Buy with Confidence scheme for local traders who have been vetted and approved by Trading Standards.
If anyone believes that they have been the victim of such a rogue trader and wants advice, you can contact the Citizens Advice National Consumer Service on 0800 144 8848 or via its website at Citizens Advice.

b) Report from the Clerk on actions from the last meeting –

·       Horsemere Lane/Cassington Lights – Tracey has been in touch with OCC trying to arrange a bio-diversity meeting.  So far, no meeting has been arranged – Tracey to continue to chase

·       Stone Mason quote on War Memorial – So far Tracey has had no reply from 3 Stone Masons that she has contacted.

·       Neighbourhood Plan – The regulation 14 has now finished.  Tracey has been asked to go back to WODC for them to clarify points on their response.  The next meeting isn’t until 10th May due to Parish Council Elections.

·       Trees on the Recreation Ground – These have now been delivered and planted.

·       New Swing in Playing Area – The new toddler swing has now been installed and can be used.  Proludic has advised that the bark needs to be topped up and also that the boarding around the swing should be removed.


20/01734/OUT Land North of A40 Section from Barnard Gate To Eynsham Roundabout Eynsham   Grosvenor Developments Ltd UNDER CONSIDERATION
R3.0034/21 A40 Dualling of a 3.2km section of the A40 between the Hill Farm Junction to the proposed Eynsham Park and Ride and upgrade to shared path on northern verge, ii) widening of existing carriageway to provide dedicated eastbound and westbound priority bus lanes along 6.5km section between proposed Park and Ride and Duke’s Cut iii) capacity and connectively improvements over three bridges and a culvert at Dukes Cut to enable eastbound bus lane over the bridges at A40 between Witney and Duke’s Cut Oxfordshire County Council AWAITING DECISION
21/03030/LBC 21/03029/HHD Lime Cottage Bell Lane Cassington Single storey and 1 1/2 storey extensions, interior remodelling, amendment to driveway and boundary fencing Mr I Humphrey UNDER CONSIDERATION
21/04089/FUL Conversion of existing stable buildings to workshops/starter units (Use Class E) Livery Yard Worton Park Worton Mr A Hulewicz UNDER


R3.0151/21 A40 The dualling of approximately 3.2km of the A40 carriageway from the existing Hill Farm junction at Witney to the Eynsham Park and Ride site (R3.0057/19) including the construction of two new roundabouts.

• An eastbound and westbound bus lane approximately 6.5km in length from the Eynsham Park and Ride site to existing structures at Duke’s Cut waterway (Duke’s Cut Canal Bridge, Earl’s Culvert, Wolvercote Railway Bridge and Wolvercote Canal Bridge);

• Capacity and connectivity improvements over the existing structures at Duke’s Cut waterway to enable the proposed eastbound bus lane to extend over the existing structures up to the A34 flyover in the east, forming a connection into Oxford North (Northern Gateway) strategic development site;

• Construction of a new signalised junction to the Eynsham Park and Ride site;

• New pedestrian/cyclist underpass at Cuckoo Lane (‘the Eynsham Underpass’). Two new pedestrian/cycle bridges at Cassington Halt (Cassington Halt Footbridge North and Cassington Halt Footbridge South);

• Widening of Cassington New Bridge;

• Demolition and replacement/extension of existing White House Culvert;

• Demolition and replacement/extension of Barnard Gate New Culvert;

• New and improved shared use  (‘HIF2 project’) A40 corridor between Witney and Wolvercote, Oxfordshire

footways and cycleways, including new shared use links to National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 5 at Duke’s Cut waterway;

• Alterations to existing junctions and property accesses along the A40;

• Controlled crossings, external lighting, noise barriers, sustainable drainage systems, landscaping, habitat creation including ecology ponds and associated hibernacula;

• All associated engineering and temporary construction works, site compound and storage areas. at A40 HIF2 Smart Corridor

Oxfordshire County Council UNDER



22/00057/HHD Construction of a new outbuilding to form home office/workshop facilities


8 St Peters Close Cassington



New Planning Applications:

  27th May-29th May. Start time 11am finish time 3am (music festival) Hatwells Fields PSYMERA Festival 12th April 2022
MW.0036/22  Section 73 application to continue the development permitted under planning permission 17/02403/CM (MW.0102/17) (erection and use of Anaerobic Digestion Facility) without complying with conditions, to amend the approved plans and particulars including the installation of storage containers and a separate drivers’ w/c facility. at Agrivert Ltd Cassington AD Plant, Unnamed Single Carriageway 6811439, Yarnton OX29 4FL Severn Trent Green Power Limited 3rd May 2022

Email from resident that there is an issue with HGV lorries coming through the village – Tracey has been in contact with Highways at OCC and also Trading Standards at OCC.  She was advised that lorries that have business in the village are exempt from the 7.5T restriction.  If lorries are using the village as a cut through, then they can be reported to OCC. – Tracey to contact Dan to see if we can get a sign for the restriction.


County Councillor – Cllr Levy

Can I start off by mentioning that this is the final Cassington PC of the current term.  It has been a pleasure to work with you, and especially with Hugh Thomas.   I have enjoyed being quizzed by him, and hope he enjoys getting more free time as he steps away for PC duties.

As you may have noticed Covid has not gone away.  Rates in Oxfordshire continue to rise.  A high proportion of my councilor colleagues have had it in recent weeks.   It is regrettable that the government has made it much harder for people to test to see if they have Covid, including people who want to test before visiting vulnerable residents.  All we can do is continue to be careful, wear masks in crowded places, and act as though the government hasn’t withdrawn the formerly sensible advice.

There are a number of very big issues at County Hall at the moment.  The Fair Deal Alliance has tentatively given the go-ahead for the HIF1 scheme in the south of the county, subject to the government and Homes England guaranteeing any cost over-runs, and with an expectation that the new road will priorities buses over cars.   We have also agreed to keep progressing the possible move of Oxford United to near Oxford Parkway Station, subject to a lot of work on protecting the green belt and minimizing car usage.

HIF 2, which is the scheme that we know about most, as it is the A40 changes, will now go to planning later than the April planning meeting that was expected.  There have been lots of comments and objections, including from each of the parish councils on the route, and from me.  The Shores Green Witney east junction application is also likely to come up later in the spring, and I am sure will have an effect on traffic flows in the area.

Tragically, two people on bikes have been killed in recent weeks, by HGVs, in areas where the cycling infrastructure was inadequate.  In each case, at Parkway Station and at the Plain, cycling advocates and councilliors had demanded better infrastructure, but been rebuffed.   The Plain was redesigned in 2014, and changes demanded by cyclists were rejected as they might have slowed bus and coach movements.  Parkway was opened without proper bike access.  That is why it is so important that we get cycling facilities that protect vulnerable users.

You may have seen the new lane between Hanborough and Bladon – still not good enough, but a huge improvement.  It will be joined by a Lower Road path, to be funded out of the Section 106 contributions from the Garden Village.  I hope that people here will try cycling up Burleigh Road to join the Lower Road track.    There should be some news coming out shortly about Oxfordshire’s share of Tranche 3 of Active Travel funding, and I am hopeful that the news will be good.  On a less good note, for those who cycle from Cassington to Oxford, the Oxford North junctions have clearly been designed to slow cyclists, and I am working, along with my colleague who is the County Councilor for the area, to get them redesigned.

As predicted last month, notice has been given to WODC by OCC that its contract to deliver on-street parking enforcement will end in 12 months, so that enforcement can be done properly.   It certainly is not done well at the moment, despite council taxpayers subsidizing the £400k loss that WODC makes on parking enforcement each year.  That is perhaps one of the reasons why Council Tax from WODC increased by a higher percentage than from OCC.  A reminder that there will not be a change to the off-street parking, including the carparks in Witney, which remain entirely under the control of WODC, and there are no plans by any of the parties, to the best of my knowledge, to charge for them.   Nor are there any plans to charge for on-street parking, except where that is requested by residents, as is likely to be the case in Woodstock, which has special issues because of its role as a tourist attraction.

The County Council has been awarded £12m for bus improvement work by HM Government, with strings attached of course, as well as money for helping bus companies introduce electric buses.  It will take a while for people in Cassington to see the benefits, but we will in time, when the new bus stops are introduced and bus times to Oxford and the hospitals are shortened.

I have had meetings with Thames Water, once again, to protest about their dismal performance.  South Leigh sewage treatment work remains shut, after more than 6 months, with all sewage going by tanker to Cassington.  Those are the blue tankers you may have seen going through the village.  Despite video evidence to the contrary, TW claim that Cassington is working fine.  I will keep trying!  And I have of course been reminding them that your sewage plant will have to cope with the additional output of the 4000 odd new houses in Yarnton and Eynsham, and therefore needs substantial investment. Unfortunately, TW seem happier to pay the fines for pollution than pay to upgrade facilities, and this government (and our MP) have actively opposed legislation to obligate water companies from taking this approach.

And finally, the first Ukrainian refugees have arrived in West Oxfordshire.   I am sure we will be welcoming, as we are to all newcomers to the area.

District Councillors Environmental Scrutiny Committee have been talking about changing of the bins that WODC. Andy has asked to be copied any emails to Bill with regards to the dog bin that was taken away by the recreation ground.

Garden Village – response to the inspectors questions have been submitted. Details about the phasing for the inspector to make a final decision.  Hopefully a decision will be made by summer.

West Eynsham development the master has been approved.  There is about 1000 homes. A link road will go from the A40 to Stanton Hardcourt Road.

Parish Councillors – Cllr Metcalf brought up that lorries are still reversing and parking in the tennis.

Cllr Butlin – End of the Alley way by Little Lane & The Style by Waters Ubico are leaving waste bins there and people are using them to put dog waste in there

Tracey to get a list of bins in the village and report back to Andy

Cllr King – The amount of cars in the village has increased.

a) Neighbourhood Watch


Please can people remember to things on fix my street on the WODC website.

58/22 TRAFFIC:

Speedwatch – They have been very busy


As previously mentioned, the new toddler swing has been installed.  Proludic has advised that there needs to be a top up of the bark.

Tracey did a playground inspection and has passed her findings onto the Parish Council and the Sports and Social.  Tracey has been asked to get costs of repair to the zip wire.


Payments to be approved:

Individual/Company Reason Amount
Tracey Cameron Clerk Salary – (minus tax & NI) £933.35
Clerk Expenses £70.56
HMRC Tax & National Insurance £1.46
Oneill Homer Neighbourhood Plan £3300.00
Oxford Green Belt Membership £15.00
Village Hall Parish Council Hall Hire £48.00
Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association Membership £45.00
Unity Bank Trust Service Charge £18.00
Netwise Domain Name Charge £72.00
Proludic Toddler Swing £3746.34
Moore 2019/20 External Audit £672.00
Greenman Labour cost £504.00
Dave Butlin Expenses £17.20


Individual/Company        Amount
D Butlin – Tree Sponsor £237.92
T Cameron – Laptop Purchase £40.00
R Vereker – Tree Sponsor £235.21
JS & KM Thomson – Tree Sponsor £304.17
HMRC – VAT Refund £1618.94
Groundforce – NHP Grant £2,800.00

Balance of Unity Bank as of Sunday 27th March – £10,954.08


a) Bins on the recreation ground

b) Lorries coming through the village

c) Garden Waste Bin for the Churchyard

d) Clerk to call an Extraordinary Meeting on 26th April 2022 to sign off 2021/2022 Accounts


The bike night have asked if the Parish Council could contribute £360 for St Johns Ambulance for Bike Night – Parish Council have agreed

A resident advised that there are boys playing on their scooters by Williams Court they have damaged the curb and are making a noise jumping on and off. Parish Council to discuss putting something in.  


Mid Monthly Planning Meeting – No Meeting Needed

Date of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 12th May 2022