December 2017 Minutes

Minutes 2017 Uploaded on May 1, 2021

Minutes of a Meeting held in the village hall at 7.30 pm on

Thursday 7th December 2017.

Present: Cllr H Thomas (Chair) Cllr J Perrin, Cllr P Clague, five members of the public and the Clerk David Casey.

167/17 APOLOGIES: Cllr B King, Cllr C Martin, C Mathew (OCC)

Cllr P Emery and Cllr P Kelland (WODC),


The Chairman explained that any pecuniary or personal or non pecuniary interest in an item should be declared.


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 2nd November 2017 were approved.


a) Thames Valley Police: – The Clerk said there was no report on the TVPA website or the new Twitter and Facebook sites. Cllr Perrin said there was a     report of parcels being stolen after being left a porch by delivery vans. So    please be aware.

b) Report by the Clerk on actions from the last meeting: –

Clerk to place job advert in Eynsham Parish news. The editor has indicated they will not accept non Eynsham items.

Information has been placed In CAWN giving details of the WODC mortgage scheme.

Highways have been contacted to ask for the hedge in Bell Lane to be cut back further from the roadside.

The Clerk has written to the relatives of those residents whose names are to be included in the commemorative plaques to be placed on village benches. Cllr Perrin said these would be installed before the spring.

PCSO Helen Keen has advised Cllr Perrin that getting the Speed Gun checked is not necessary.

Cllr Thomas has asked WODC to do a final grass cut to The Green.

Cllr Perrin has spoken to PCSO Helen Keen about the message in the bottle scheme. She will supply the bottles and residents on the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme will be issued with them.

Cllr Perrin has spoken to PSCSO Helen Keen about the caravan parked in St Peter’s close. Helen Keen is speaking to Highways to clarify the situation.

Cllr Thomas has received a reply from Robert Courts concerning his visit to the village on 26th January.

Cllr B King will speak to her neighbour about the overgrown hedge in the burial ground; Action outstanding.

c) Appointment of Clerk-update. The Clerk stated that one person had been interview who proved to be unsatisfactory so the post is to be re-advertised in Yarnton Parish News and Kidlington online. There is another potential applicant from within the village and a formal application is awaited.

d) Playing Field

 i) To note Grant awards by Sport England and WODC Community Facilities Award for new play equipment.

Cllr Thomas reported on a grant of £10,000 awarded by Sport England for Green Gym equipment. Suzi Lewis from Sports & Social Club, who was in attendance at the meeting, confirmed that three quotes had been obtained for the supply of equipment. The documentation to obtain the grant had been completed and was ready for submission. The grant must be spent by the end of March 2018.

A WODC Community Facilties grant of £13,500 has been awarded and will pay for further playing equipment which has been itemised by the S&SC.

A lottery grant of £10,000 is to be applied for to reach the target funding.

All of the funding raised is to be allocated to the playing field not the pavilion.

The Clerk was asked to extract the information for Suzi from the last lottery grant application on the impact on children in Cassington.

ii) Report of meeting with the Sports & Social Club and consider arrangements with the Sports and Social Club for maintenance of proposed new play equipment. Cllr Thomas said the council was concerned about the cost of maintaining the play equipment and could not pay for the cost of long term repairs to new equipment. The council may consider the payment of safety inspections but this will need to be decided. An agreement should be drawn up with the S&SC to set out how maintenance is to be funded.

iii) To determine the allocation of S106 funds from the Manor Farm development subject to confirmation of the legal agreement from WODC.

The Clerk has written to WODC asking for clarification of the S106 agreement which it would like allocated specifically for repairs to the pavilion not playing field equipment. Blenheim Estates are happy to make a payment in January.

Cllr Thomas has written to the Blenheim Estates asking for an additional S106 payment £10,000 for repairs to the pavilion. Quotations are now being obtained for building work.

e) Confirmation of purchase of laptop computer from Systems and Solutions of Witney.

It was Resolved to purchase a laptop computer for Systems and Solutions for Witney to replace the five year old desktop computer which had failed. Cost £333.33 plus software and set up cost of £188.



171/17 5.   Correspondence.

a)  Notification of external auditor appointment Moore Stephens from 2017/18- annual fee £200.

This was noted.

b)  To Note a grant award of £150 from the War Memorials Trust for survey of the war memorial.

This was noted. The Clerk said the next phase of repairs could be now be considered and he would liaise with Architect and War Memorials Trust to agree a way forward


There no reports from any councillors.




There was question about the proposed well on the allotments. Cllr Thomas said he had spoken to Blenheim Estates who were happy with idea. He had also spoken to the Chairman of the Allotments Committee suggesting they obtain costings and submit them to the council for consideration of a grant towards the scheme.

There was a question about protecting the triangle on The Green to ensure there was no damage when the Manor Farm development commences. Cllr Thomas said work would take place in the spring and at that time a meeting would be held with the contractor to agree protective measures.

A question was raised about water collecting in Yarnton Rd near to ‘Farways’. Clerk to report this to Thames Water.

174/17 DITCHES DRAINAGE AND FLOODING: The Environment Agency has not completed ditch clearance in the village. The Clerk was asked to chase this     up.  

The Clerk stated that it was three years since the last tree inspection and another inspection was due.  It was agreed to ask WODC to undertake a  survey.

176/17 TRAFFIC:

No report

177/17 PLAY AREA:

a) The Clerk reported that he had met Cllr Thomas to discuss repairs to the    play area that had been highlighted by Cllr Mitchell. A quotation of £341 for repairs to the beam along the bridge and replacement of planks on the    platform by the slide had been obtained from Greenfields of Gloucester.             It was Resolved to accept Greenfields quotation.

178/17 FINANCE:

a)    Payments:

It was Resolved to make the following payments after considering the budget.

Reimbursement to David Casey for purchase of lap top computer from   Systems and Solutions Witney- Confirmation payment £598.75

Clare Want- Clearance of Little Lane £82.50

Cassington Village Hall hire -£48

CPRE subscription-  £37

St Peter’s School Hire of room- £25

SLCC subscription £84

Clerk salary &expenses – £748.99

Yarnton Parish News advert £8

Kidlington online advert £25

b)    Income: War Memorial grant £150

c) To determine the Precept for 2018/19 see the Clerk’s report previously circulated.

The Clerk had circulated budget estimates for 2018/19 to calculate the Precept. Given the current level of reserves of about £15,000 it was Resolved there should be no increase in the Precept which remains at £12,648.







a) Appl No 17/03635/S73 Non compliance with condition 2 of planning permission16/00592/Ful to allow change to approved plans –Jericho Farm Worton. Resolved no objection.

b) Appl No 1600592/Ful Change of use and alteration and extension Class B1 (a) office accommodation to 3 dwellings. Erection of double garage amended plan  Resolved no objection.

c) Oxfordshire County Council Planning application MW.0102/17 by  Agrivert Limited, The Stables, Radford, Chipping Norton, OX7 4EB for planning permission for the Section 73 application to continue the development without complying with condition 1, to allow the throughput of the Anaerobic Digestion Plant to increase to 48,500 tonnes of waste per annum at Cassington Anaerobic Digestion Facility, Land at Worton Farm, Worton, Cassington, Oxon, OX29 4FL

Cllr Thomas had spoken to Agrivert who had indicated there would be no increase in lorry movements.  Resolved no objection

d) Date for midmonth meeting: Tuesday 19th December at 8pm in the Red     Lion.

180/17 AOB: The Clerk asked councillors to check on the salt bins given the adverse weather forecast.  


181/17 Date of Next meeting:

This was agreed for Thursday 4th January 2018 in the village hall.